Researcher’s Profile

Yiping W. Han, PhD


I am a tenured professor of microbial sciences with an interdisciplinary appointment at Columbia University Medical Center and the Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Research Statement: 

My research has been consistently funded by the NIH and involves the role of microbes in human health and disease. My research interests include host-pathogen interactions, human microbiome and oral-systemic connections. The human microbiome is a vast population of microbes that play an essential role in health and disease. Work in our laboratory is focused on the following aspects: (i) investigating the role of oral bacteria in extra-oral infection and inflammation; (ii) investigating the mechanisms of Fusobacterium nucleatum pathogenesis in pregnancy complications and gastrointestinal cancers; and (iii) developing genetic tools for mutant construction in bacteria.


Rubinstein, M.R., Baik, J.E., Lagana, S.M., Han, R.P., Raab, W.J., Sahoo, D., Dalerba, P., Wang, T.C. and Han, Y.W. (2019) Fusobacterium nucleatum promotes colorectal cancer through induction of novel Wnt/b-catenin modulator Annexin A1 in proliferating cancerous cells. EMBO Reports PMID:30833345

Garcia-So, J., Zhang, X., Yang, X., Rubinstein, M.R., Mao, D.Y., Kitajewski, J, Liu, K. and Han, Y.W. (2019) Omega-3 fatty acids suppress Fusobacterium nucleatum-induced placental inflammation originating from maternal endothelial cells. JCI Insight 4: e125436. PMID: 30728337

Vander Haar, E.L., So, J., Gyamfi-Bannerman, C. and Han, Y.W. (2018) Fusobacterium nucleatum and adverse pregnancy outcomes: Epidemiological and mechanistic evidence. Anaerobe 50: 55-59. PMID: 29409815