Kidney Cancer: Our Approach and Expertise

The team of doctors who care for patients with kidney cancers at the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center is made up of urologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists. As each patient is different with unique priorities and considerations, we work closely together to develop personalized treatments for each person in order to deliver optimal care. Special emphasis is placed on minimally invasive surgeries and partial nephrectomies when possible as some studies show improved outcomes when healthy portions of the affected kidney are allowed to remain in the body. Our surgeons are among the most experienced in the world in treating kidney cancer with these minimally invasive approaches.

For those patients with more advanced forms of disease, our world-class medical oncologists work to develop treatment programs that incorporate the best evidence while taking into account patient level factors. If patients are candidates for immunotherapy with high dose interleukin-2 our physicians and staff have the experience to skillfully and safely guide patients through this difficult treatment. Our physicians can further guide patients through subsequent treatments and when appropriate offer opportunities to participate in clinical trials evaluating the use of novel, promising, and exciting treatment options.