Precision Medicine for Gynecologic Cancers

The Center for Precision Medicine for Gynecological Cancers is a pioneering initiative dedicated to seamlessly adapt precision science, research, and education into our daily strive to advance clinical care for patients with gynecological cancers. We respect and recognize the diversity in our patient’s health. Our mission is to offer personalized cancer treatments for each individual patient, while providing exceptional care and improving quality of life.  

Personalizing cancer diagnostics

Rapidly evolving technologies have given us the opportunity to translate our knowledge in cancer genomics and pharmacology into more precise, more effective, and more creative cancer care.   At Columbia, we offer comprehensive tumor-associated molecular testing that may identify novel targeted therapies as a treatment option that can benefit patients, or may help patients match with a clinical trial.   Our team is dedicated to translate next generation diagnostic results into personalized treatment options.

Patient-focused molecular tumor conference

We have piloted a novel type of tumor conference where clinicians caring for patients with gynecologic cancer across New York City, as well as experts in molecular pathology meet to discuss patients whose tumors have been analyzed with advanced genomic tests. In addition, we partner with experts in medical oncology, pathology, radiation oncologists, nursing, and basic science researchers within Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at Columbia University to discuss the best treatment plan for patients with many types of cancer. This partnership enables us to adapt and apply our scientific knowledge into individualized recommendations for treatments and prevention strategies.

Personalized cancer therapy and clinical trials

We believe that we can achieve exceptional care by a continuous strive for innovation.  Developing the clinical trials portfolio is an important aspect of our Program.  Our genomically-driven clinical trials include a wide variety of leading edge investigational therapies, including targeted therapies and immunological agents.  In addition, we offer a variety of research initiatives looking improve the quality of life for patients in different phases of their cancer care.

Phase 1 clinical trials are unique in bridging laboratory research and clinical care. These trials develop novel drugs across disease types and molecular targets with a focus on safety. Through our close collaborations with the Phase I Program at Columbia University Medical Center, we are able to offer these cutting-edge therapies that may improve cancer treatment.  Our goal is to screen patients for their tumor’s molecular abnormality and match them with the best treatment available in early clinical trials.  We hope to improve the survival and quality of life of gynecological cancer patients through this research.