Intra/Inter-Programmatic Pilot Program (IPPP)

The Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center intends to fund a new round of Intra/Inter-Programmatic Pilot Program (IPPP) grants supported by HICCC developmental funds.  The goal of this funding opportunity is to stimulate intra- and inter-programmatic translational research initiatives within the Cancer Center by funding pilot projects that involve Principal Investigators from at least two different Research Programs (i.e., inter-programmatic), with funding priority for projects spanning two research areas (e.g., basic/translational, basic/population science). In addition, applications for projects within a single Research Program (i.e. intra-programmatic) that are strongly interdisciplinary and/or clearly cut across programmatic themes are equally welcome. We expect to award at least two 1-year IPPP cancer research pilot projects in September 2020. Projects are expected to be funded at the level of $60,000 for one year. 

This initiative aims to support the initial stages of translational and interdisciplinary research that has the potential to develop into a long-term collaborative project that attracts national funding (e.g., NCI-supported R01, U01 or P01 grants). Thus, successful applicants will be expected to apply for national funding as a result of HICCC pilot support. Novel projects within the full spectrum of cancer research, including early detection and prevention; pathogenesis; therapeutic approaches to cancer; survivorship; and reducing cancer-related health disparities are all topics of interest. Pilot projects should propose research that is relevant to the HICCC catchment area. Application Deadline: Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 11:59 pm. For more information and to apply, follow the link here.