Inter/Intra-Programmatic Pilot Program (IPPP)

The IPPP is a funding mechanism supported by HICCC developmental funds whose goal is to stimulate inter/intra-programmatic translational research initiatives within the Cancer Center by funding pilot projects that involve PIs from at least two different HICCC Programs, with funding priority for projects spanning two research areas (e.g., basic/translational, basic/population science). Applications for projects within a program that are strongly interdisciplinary and/or clearly cut across programmatic themes are welcome. For further information on the four HICCC Research Programs and member alignment, please view the HICCC Research Programs pages here.

IPPP is expected to fund two cancer research pilot projects for one year at the level of $60,000. This initiative aims to support the initial stages of translational and/or interdisciplinary research that has the potential to develop into a long-term collaborative project that attracts national funding (e.g., NCI-supported R01 or P01 grants). Thus, successful applicants will be expected to apply for national funding as a result of HICCC pilot support.

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