The FACT accredited Bone Marrow Transplant Service at Columbia University Medical Center is comprised of many people:

Your own doctor, the one that you see when you are an outpatient, will be in charge of your care throughout your treatment. 

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are also partners in your care. 

  • A nurse practitioner is a nurse who has an advanced degree in an area of care. This nurse practitioner can take patient histories, do physical exams, and prescribe treatments and medicine. He or she can also provide medical care with the doctors. 
  • A physician assistant also had advanced medical training and can do the same tasks as a nurse practitioner can do, however he or she has not had nursing training. 

A team of primary nurses will be responsible for your day-to-day nursing care while you are in the hospital. You will also be in contact with nursing attendants, a pharmacist who specializes in stem cell transplant, nutritionist and dietary aids and social workers.

Since we are a teaching hospital and associated with Columbia University, you will also meet interns and residents who are working with the team throughout your stay.

The transplant team also includes physicians from other specialties who may need to be involved in your care like nephrologists, cardiologists or dermatologists. Furthermore, our team is complemented by a psychiatrist who provides psychological support to patients undergoing autologous or allogeneic transplant.