What to Expect: Adult Infusion Center

During Your Visit

Below is information to help guide you through a typical visit to the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center - Adult Infusion Center.

Arrival / Check In / Registration

For the consideration of all patients, it is important to be on time for your scheduled appointment with the Infusion Center. If you are delayed, please call us at (212) 305-8225 so that we can adjust the schedule or reschedule your appointment if necessary.

When arriving at the Adult Infusion Center on the 14th floor of the Herbert Irving Pavilion, check in at the Greeter Desk. You will then be called to one of the Registration Desks to begin your visit. Proper photo identification and your current medical insurance identification card(s) are needed at each visit, as well as any referrals required by your medical insurance company.

Once registered with a medical ID bracelet, please have a seat in the reception area until called for your scheduled lab work, injection, and/or treatment.

Lab Services / Injections

Our “Fast Track” area has phlebotomists for routine blood draws. Registered Nurses are also available for central line blood draws and maintenance. Once your blood sample has been drawn, you may proceed to your physician’s office for your medical visit.

Treatment Process

Please check back in at the Greeter Desk if you leave the floor for an appointment so that we know you are ready for your treatment.

Please be aware that your scheduled appointment includes time needed for your blood work to be completed (approximately 30 minutes depending on the test), medications to be prepared (approximately 30-45 minutes depending on the medication regimen), and/or blood products from the Blood Bank to be delivered (approximately 30 minutes once the Blood product is screened and ready). Your treatment will begin when all preparations are completed.

*Please note that the times listed above will vary based on the type of treatment required. Your safety is our primary concern.