Radiation Research

Howard B. Lieberman, Ph.D., Director

Kevin M. Hopkins, M.S., Manager

Kunal Chaudhary, M.S., Ph.D., Manager of SARRP

The Radiation Research Core Facility, located within and maintained by the Center for Radiological Research, provides a comprehensive irradiation service. The facility provides the capability to expose small animals, mammalian cells in culture, microorganisms and macromolecules to gamma-rays, x-rays and 254 nm UV light.
Research goals are diverse and include such tasks as creating double strand breaks or bulky lesions in DNA, irradiating mice before injection of cells to test tumorigenicity, creating transformed cells, preparing feeder layers for tissue culture, irradiating mice specifically in their eyes to analyze cataractogenesis, and measuring radiosensitivity of yeast, mouse, hamster or human cells. Arrangements can also be made to fabricate custom-designed shielding to expose animals only at specific anatomical sites.

The operators of the facility provide users with guidance for safe and efficient sample exposure, as well as consultation related to experimental design. Furthermore, the Facility is operated in close association with the Radiation Safety Department to insure compliance with relevant governmental regulatory agencies.