The Hematology training program provides comprehensive training in all clinical aspects of Hematology. Fellows are responsible for the management of patients with hematological disorders in the inpatient Hematology Consult Service and in the out-patient clinic. The Hematology attending of the month will supervise fellows daily activities.

Fellows must attend at least 60% of the required weekly conferences.

Conquer Cancer Foundation: 2019 Young Investigator Awards

We are pleased to announce the following Hematology Oncology Fellows received Conquer Cancer Foundation: 2019 YIA Awards:

Dr. Rajat Bansal (mentor: Dr. Ran Reshef) "Phase II, single arm, open label study to assess the efficacy of GLP-2 agonist ZP1846 in the prevention of melphalan induced diarrhea among bone marrow transplant patients."

Dr. Matthew Dallos (mentor: Dr. Charles Drake) "Maximizing androgen deprivation immunogenicity through PD-1 and IL-8 blockade in castration-sensitive prostate cancer."

Dr. Jessica Hawley (mentors: Dr. Charles Drake and Dr. Mark Stein) "Augmenting the ADT-induced immune infiltrate in metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer with PD-1blockade and docetaxel."

Dr. Bahar Laderian (mentors: Dr. Antonio Fojo and Dr. Susan Bates) "Toward a better understanding of a rare cancer: studies to explore the etiology and biology of SDHx-associated pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas."

Dr. Alexander Raufi (mentor: Dr. Gulam Manji) "A phase II study of chemotherapy and immune checkpoint blockade with pembrolizumab in the perioperative and maintenance treatment of locoregional gastric and gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma."

Dr. Vikram Premkumar (mentor Dr. Suzanne Lentzsch) "Identifying the role of Programmed Death-1 Homolog (PD-1H) on osteocyclast signaling and activation within the bony microenvironment in mulitple myeloma bone disease."