The Columbia Precision Medicine Joint Pilot Grant Programs

The Columbia Precision Medicine Joint Pilot Grants Program is requesting proposals for one-year pilot studies in precision medicine. Studies must be relevant to advancing precision medicine basic science, pre-clinical/clinical approaches to tailoring medical care (prevention, diagnosis, and/or treatment) to the individual patient, and/or precision cancer research.

Example areas include, but are not limited to, disease mechanism studies, stem cell biology, genomic data, biomarkers, aggregated clinical/environmental data and/or patient-reported data to develop personalized medical care, decision support tools, new methods of working with precision medicine data and its integration with electronic health records, and new individualized approaches to effectively educate and communicate with patients.

These pilot grants are intended to support feasibility studies that will establish a basis for applying for further research funding. As such, pilot grants are intended to generate preliminary data required to produce competitive grant applications to outside funders.  

Up to five studies in total will be funded. Please see full RFP here:  Application can be found here: