Alberto Ciccia Wins Young Investigator Prize for Cancer Research

Alberto Ciccia, PhD, assistant professor of genetics and development and a member of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, has been awarded a Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Young Investigators in Cancer Research. The award is bestowed annually to promising New York city-area early-career cancer researchers. 

Dr. Ciccia’s lab focuses on genetic and biochemical approaches to determine how defects in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes cause genome instability and predispose to breast and ovarian cancer. His team also studies the pathways that repair DNA lesions induced by genome editing technologies. The Sohn Prize will help support his work in examining whether inflammatory signals induced by the DNA replication factor SMARCAL1 may contribute to the development of BRCA1-mutant breast tumors. (See video profile by the Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance)

“This prize will be able to help us do these highly novel studies and to be able to potentially develop new treatments for preventing breast and ovarian cancer,” says Dr. Ciccia in the Alliance video. 

Recipients of the Sohn Prize will receive $200,000 in funding per year for up to three years, for a total of $600,000, to support their research. Over the past five years, the Alliance has awarded over $19 million to 32 talented research scientists. The group also intends to connect prize winners with opportunities to present their work to scientific and business audiences, helping to bridge the gap between academia and industry.