Innovative Research

The HICCC brings together the top talent across Columbia University’s leading research programs and departments to build a community of scientists dedicated to solving cancer.  Our experts are leaders in cancer research, designing new ways to look at cancer, understand how it works, and develop treatments that stop it in its tracks.

 Whole Person Care

Our multi-disciplinary teams of experts tailor treatment plans specific to each patient’s unique disease and genetic profile. We use the power of cutting-edge technology and discoveries made in our labs to provide our patients with individualized care. Our compassionate caregivers help patients through every step of their cancer journey, from diagnosis through survivorship.

 Training the Next Generation of Cancer Researchers

As part of a leading academic medical center, our mission also includes teaching reseachers and physicians. Our innovative, cross-disciplinary training and fellowship programs provide the next generation of cancer researchers with the tools to continue the fight against cancer.