User Fees and Policies

Requesting Services

To request services, log in to iLab at with your UNI and password. On the left side menu, click on my cores. Select Community & Ambulatory Research & Enrollment (CARE) On the upper right, open the Request Services tab. To the right of Study Project Request, click on Request Service. Fill in the required information on the form and upload any supporting documents. Under Payment, select a chart string from the dropdown list. Submit the request. You will be contacted by a CARE staff member.

Services and Fees

Consultation services include Guidance in IRB compliance, study design, planning and implementation, health literacy review of study documents, instrument validation, project management, oversight of project staff, focus group design and facilitation, interviewer training and development in English and Spanish.

Data services include multilingual data collection and entry, basic data analysis, recruitment data, reporting to study team.

Recruitment services (bilingual, English/Spanish) include administration of informed consent; written or verbal Study introduction in-person or via telephone or letter, survey administration by interview or self administration with review of completion, biospecimen collection including phlebotomy, dietary, neurocognitive and psychological assessments, anthropometric measurements, development and distribution of study flyers, development and administration of face-to-face and telephone scripts, identification of potential subjects (via scheduling, chart review and treating physicians) to facilitate enrollment (HIPPA form D), targeted community education and community recruitment. The charge for phlebotomy as part of recruitment is $38/hour.

Translation (including certification for IRB) services include assistance in the development of language, literacy and culturally appropriate study materials, translation of study materials from English to Spanish, back translation, proofing of existing Spanish documents.