Molecular Pathology Location & Contacts

Histology Service

Black Building
650 West 168th Street, 4th Floor, Room 455

Macromolecular Service

Irving Cancer Research Center
1130 St. Nicholas Avenue, 3rd Floor, Room 301
Contact: Tao Su 212-851-4505


Hanina Hibshoosh MD, MPSR Director

Sun Dajiang (Kevin), MPSR Manager

Tel 1-212-305-1608

For all service inquiries send email to

MPSR main Tel 1-212-305-1608

MPSR histology service location for drop off and pick up: Black Building 4-455

MPSR Macromolecule service director: Tao Su Ph.D., email: tel 1-212-851-4505

MPSR Tumor Bank Director Hanina Hibshoosh MD, Sun Dajiang manager aka Kevin for all inquiries send email to