Genomics Technologies

Olivier Couronne, Ph.D., Director

Charles Karan, Ph.D., Scientific Director, High Throughput Screening 

The Genomics Technologies Shared Resource is operated jointly by the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Judith P. Sulzberger Columbia Genome Center. The facility provides access to specialized instrumentation and technical expertise in three highly complementary service components:

  • Next-generation (Nextgen) Sequencing. Next-generation DNA sequencing and RNA-seq have made it possible not only to look at individual genomes, but also to rapidly compare genetic sequences among multiple genomes. As next-generation sequencing technologies have made it possible to generate high-resolution genomic data much more efficiently, researchers in many fields have turned to next-generation sequencing to identify particular features of the genome that contribute to specific phenotypes.
  • High-Throughput Screening, High Content Microscopy (HTS/HCM). The HTS/HCM component of the Genomics Shared Resource supports both basic and translational biomedical research by assisting investigators in the development, optimization, and execution of high-throughput assays that deliver answers to questions of scientific interest. A unique way in which these technologies are used is to perturb cellular systems to dissect their regulatory mechanisms and the mechanism of action of small molecule and genetic perturbations.
  • Medium-throughput Molecular Screening (MTMS). On-demand access is available to MTMP equipment such as the Fluidigm BioMark HD and the Fluidigm C1.