GENEWIZ Inc. DNA Sequencing

Columbia University has partnered with GENEWIZ, Inc. for DNA Sequencing and Gene Synthesis. GENEWIZ is the only DNA Sequencing and Gene Synthesis company with approval from the university for an on-site drop box.

Investigators place orders directly with the vendor online and are billed to individual lab or investigator accounts. To order, users complete the appropriate online form in their GENEWIZ account at

For DNA sequencing, user provides the names of the samples, what the samples are (PCR, plasmid, bacteria, phage), the approximate size (number of bases), what primers to sequence with, and the concentration. Users print the completed form and submit with the samples and primers to one of the following drop-box locations on campus:

  • Mailman School of Public Health (MSPH) building - 18th floor - next to elevator
  • Physicians and Surgeons (P&S) Building - 12th floor - next to elevators
  • Psychiatric Institute (PI) Kolb Annex - 6th floor - next to elevators
  • Hammer Building - 7th floor - across from elevators
  • Hammer Building - 10th floor (box is at the end of corridor on top of "Iron Mountain" box)
  • Irving Cancer Research Center - Audubon III Building - 5th floor - next to the elevators
  • Russ Berrie Building - 3rd floor - next to the elevators
  • Morningside Campus - Fairchild Building – 9th floor mounted to the wall at the end of the hall

The samples in all of the drop boxes are picked up daily. Once the sequencing is completed, the user is notified by e-mail. Sequencing reactions are now processed overnight, Monday - Friday. The results can be retrieved online within 20 hours of the drop box cut off time. For more detailed information on proper sample submission, go to the Sample Preparation Guidelines.