Flow Cytometry User Fees and Policies

Use of Equipment

Email Siu-Hong Ho to discuss which instrument best fits the experiment and training will be arranged accordingly. If the user already has experience in operation of the instrument, a 5-10 minutes briefing sessions about the general maintenance of the analyzers would be given. Cell sorter is operated by dedicated core facility staff only. Please contact the core for generating the online instrument reservation account.


For those who affiliate with the CCTI, Department of Medicine, DERC, SDRC, you can reserve our instrument 3 weeks in advance. Users from other departments can only reserve 48 hours in advance. All reservations are made through iLab. We define your affiliation based on the following:

If you don't find yourself among researchers listed in the above web pages, but you belong to one of the groups, please contact the core manager.

Data Policy

The flow core DOES NOT backup any data, and to facilitate the smooth operation of the Diva and other flow software, deletes all .fcs files and templates frequently WITHOUT prior notice. It is the SOLE responsibility of all flow core users to backup their data RIGHT AFTER the data acquisition. All users must temporarily save their data to the corresponding network drive (non-CCTI or HICCC data server). The network drive is for data transfer ONLY, not for storage (even 1 day), the user must back up the data IMMEDIATELY with their own device. The data in network drive are erased every few days, again, WITHOUT prior notice. Further instructions for the network drive can be found here.

Getting Started

  • Web-based theory session (2 hours) covers the principle of flow cytometry, components of flow cytometry (optics, fluidic, electronic), optical measurement, data analysis and sorting.
  • Consultation session will be conducted on panel design and protocol suggestion.
  • Fluorofinder panel design web-based tool for CCTI/HICCC cytometers and instruction.
  • The hands-on session (2 hours) includes the instrument startup/shutdown, optical filter selection, software usage, PMT voltage adjustment, data storage and troubleshooting.

User Fees

InstrumentRegular fee ($/hr)Cancer center member ($/hr)
Sorter (Aria and Influx) 65 65
LSRII (with UV) 60 58
Fortessa (without UV) 55 55
CantoII 50 45
Leica Microscope 25 25

The minimum charge for the analyzers is 30 minutes. The reservation time and actual usage are compared and longer duration would be charged. A fee of 100% is charged when the cancellation occurs less than 2 hours of the scheduled time. For Influx cell sorter, the minimum reservation is 1 hour. A fee of 100% is charged when the cancellation occurs less than 72 business hours beforehand.