Epigenetics User Fees and Policies

Services and Fees

Illumina "800k" MethylationEPIC BeadChip Assay for genome-wide analysis of CpG methylation

The service includes gDNA quantification and quality control, methylationEPIC BeadChip analysis, and return of raw data files.

Methylation Beadchip assays (outsourced), per sample
Cancer Center Member: $460
Non-CC: $500
External Rate: $800

High throughput targeted methylation analysis using Fluidigm Access Array – Illumina MiSEQ

Rates below are for standard analysis of 48 or 96 samples X 48 primers and include gDNA quantification and quality control, bisulfite conversion, primer design and synthesis, library prep and quality control, and MiSEQ sequencing and FASTQ generation. MiSEQ data processing (alignment to ENCODE chromatin and transcription factor tracks, methylation heatmaps, and BedGraphs) and personalized data analysis are available for an additional charge.

Service Cancer Center Member Non-CC External Rate
Methylation analysis 48 samples X 48 amplicons $4,684.38 $6,060.00 $9,696.00
Methylation analysis 98 samples X 48 amplicons $6,580.55 $8,513.00 $13,620.80
MISeq data processing: alignments, reports, bedgraphs $811.65 $1,050.00 $1,680.00
Personalized data analysis, per hour $48.00 $48.00 $76.80

Custom mapping of epigenetic data from NCBI/GEO and related outside sources

Service includes the production of custom maps of available DNA methylation datasets from outside sources, including prior publications, prior investigator-generated datasets, and public data at NCBI/GEO.

Custom mapping (outside data source), per map
Cancer Center Member: $30
Non-CC: $50
External Rate: $80