Community & Ambulatory Research & Enrollment

Karen Schmitt, MA, RN, Executive Director

Andria Reyes, M.A. Manager

The Community & Ambulatory Research & Enrollment (CARE) Shared Resource was created to ensure that cancer research at HICCC represents our entire community. We provide dedicated recruitment and community education as well as additional services throughout the continuum of cancer research. These services enhance the quality and effectiveness of cancer prevention research conducted at CUMC by helping to ensure diversity in study participation. CARE strives to eliminate barriers to participation in clinical trials such as access, language, culture, literacy and distrust. Our goal is to maximize the likelihood that HICCC scientific findings can be directly translated into public health impact.

If you are interested in a free estimation of cost for ANY services, contact C.A.R.E. Manager Andria Reyes, at or call 212-851-4915.


Recruitment & Retention (rate $42/hour)
  • Clinical interviewing
  • Biospecimen collection
  • Neurocognitive assessment
  • Dietary assessment
  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Complex questionnaires
  • Anthropometrics
  • Phlebotomy (rate $38/hour)
Translation and Literacy Review of Study Documents (rate $55/hour)
  • Evaluation of document/website/electronic application text and image complexity, considering target population's literacy level and specific Hispanic subpopulation cultural sensitivity
  • Review of translated documents by a translation team to ensure that final Spanish wording is maximally effective
  • Review and editing of existing Spanish language documents
  • Back translation of document from Spanish to English
  • Edits to documents previously translated should your scope of work change
  • Proofing of documents previously translated
  • Cost effective assistance working with the IRB-approved Minimal Risk Consent template (Spanish version)
  • Transcription of interviews or focus groups performed in Spanish, with translation into English
  • Spontaneous, in-person translations, e.g. patient-provider communications
  • Translation certificate for submission to the IRB
Consultation (rate $55/hour)
  • Guidance on IRB compliance
  • Interviewer training and development
  • Recruitment training in Spanish
  • Study planning and implementation
Data Management (rate $38/hour)
  • Project management
  • Basic multilingual data collection and management
  • Targeted community education
  • Workshop and focus group design and facilitation
  • Instrument validation
  • Health literacy consultation