Biomarkers User Fees and Policies

User Fees

A complete list of user fees can be found here.

Guidelines for Use of the Biomarkers Shared Resource

Prior to use of the Biomarkers Laboratory, the Principal Investigator will fill out the “Request to use the Biomarkers Laboratory” form, providing information on the number of samples to be processed, the maximum number expected per day, and details about number and type of aliquots for short and long term storage. A protocol will be developed in conjunction with the PI for processing and aliquoting of samples and any special handling procedures (e.g. protection from light). Costs may vary from listed pricing based on estimated technician time and supplies needed.

A coding system will be developed in conjunction with the PI and preprinted bar code labels (which also contain the readable number) will be provided for blood collection tubes and paperwork. If random digit numbers are required for the study, they must be provided to the facility on a disc.

In studies where it is clear that certain vials will be used reasonably soon, they will not be placed with other samples for long term storage, but be put in a separate bin. For example, if one vial of plasma from all subjects will be used for vitamin analysis, it will be kept separate from vials going into longer term storage. This will allow for rapid retrieval of samples when needed. Thus, the PI needs to inform the facility of the short term usage of samples.

For sample retrieval, the PI fills out a “Request for Sample Retrieval” form indicating the number of samples requested and type. The PI must also provide a computerized list of the sample numbers. To the extent possible, samples will be retrieved within 2-3 weeks of the request.

How to Conduct Research on Samples Stored in the Biomarkers Shared Resource by Another Investigator

  • Discuss with the PI who deposited samples the appropriateness of the proposed study, availability of biospecimens needed and any specific procedures the study requires for obtaining permission to use samples.
  • Obtain written approval for use of the samples
  • Obtain IRB approval.
  • Provide Shared Resource Director with approvals and completed biospecimen retrieval form.