Medical Students

Medical Students Radiation Oncology Electives

All interested Columbia P&S students MUST contact the course program coordinator prior to signing up for this elective.

Visiting medical students MUST apply through the Office of Student Affairs (212) 305-1642.

Course Director:
David P. Horowitz M.D.

Program Coordinator: Karen A. Schleif
Tel: (212) 305-7801
E-mail: Given: All year
Maximum: 2 students per month

Description: Offers clinical and/or clinical research experience in the use of radiation therapy in treating benign and neoplastic disease.

Objective: To introduce medical students to the various roles therapeutic radiation plays in the multimodality treatment of benign and malignant diseases.

Learning experience: Medical students are assigned to faculty with specific clinical expertise. Curative and palliative roles of radiation therapy alone or combined with surgery and chemotherapy will be demonstrated in the wide range of patients (about 120) who visit the department each day. Students will work closely with radiation oncology faculty and residents in evaluating patients in consultation, monitoring their course of treatment, and observing them in follow-up visits to the department. Students will also have an opportunity to observe brachytherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery procedures. The clinical experience is enhanced by attendance at departmental conferences, interdisciplinary tumor boards and seminars. Specific schedules, can be tailored to the students particular interest and goals expressed for the elective. Students are required to prepare a short presentation at the completion of the elective. A faculty member of the department will supervise this presentation.

Feedback and Evaluation: A written evaluation for each student shall be forwarded to the associate dean for student affairs upon completion of rotation.