Biomedical Informatics Hosting

C2B2 offers the following colocation & hosting services to the research community.

For pricing and availability please contact John Wofford at jw2632 <at> columbia <dot> edu.

Name Description
Disk Storage A fast and reliable clustered NAS provides cutting edge disk performance for research computing application as well as ordinary file storage. The NAS storage system is integrated into the high performance computing resources to provide optimal performance to cluster computing applications.  

Storage is provided per TB per year.

HPC Cluster Computing C2B2 maintains several high performance computing clusters including one 24 TFlops supercomputer ranked #124 in the Top500 Supercomputersin the world. The C2B2 clusters powered by Sun Grid Engine (SGE) and support the latest scientific software and compilers. MPICH, MPICH2 and OpenMPI parallel environments are available for parallel computing applications.  

CPU time for computational research is provided on a CPU/hour basis.

Tape Backup Purchased disk storage can be backed up to tape on a automated backup schedule for an added service charge. Tape backup provides a reliable means for long term archival data and disaster recovery.  

Tape backup is provided per TB per year.

E-Mail & Collaboration Services C2B2 offers a full range of collaboration services including E-mail, calendaring and document management (Sharepoint).  

E-Mail & Collaboration tools are provided per account per year.

Desktop Support C2B2 provides comprehensive desktop and device support to the user communities in the Irving Cancer Research Center building.  

Desktop support is provided per device per year.

Web hosting A robust, fault tolerant web infrastructure provides reliable load-balanced “LAMP”-style web hosting. MySQL database servers backed by high-speed SAN storage are available to power dynamic web content.  

Web hosting is provided on a per site per year basis.

The 2000 ft.2 ICRC Data Center provides a state of the art server hosting environment, including fault tolerant network configurations on a 10 Gbps Ethernet core, direct links to the Columbia University backbone and advanced power and cooling.  

Equipment hosting comes in two tiers: high density and low density. High density racks are equipped to power and dissipate 20 kW per rack and are intended for high performance computing applications; low density racks provide 5 kW of power and cooling per rack and offer an ideal environment for traditional server hosting.

Server hosting is purchased per rack of servers and is currently available to members of Columbia University.