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The Database Shared Resource provides oversight and infrastructure for the development and maintenance of clinical databases and links them to existing biobanks. Researchers have access to the following services:

  • Coordinate with the Department of Pathology and the Molecular Pathology Shared Resource (MPSR) to inventory samples that have matching clinical data.
  • Resources to initiate Institutional Review Board (IRB) protocols utilizing the clinical databases and biobanks, including access to regulatory staff in the Clinical Research Management Office (CRMO) Shared Resource for clinical trials.
  • Epidemiologic support to review study questionnaires and survey instruments used in these databases, including development of web-based surveys (i.e., Qualtrics).
  • Coordinate the transfer of relevant clinical data from the New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) Tumor Registry and Electronic Health Record (i.e., CROWN, Eclipsys, WebCIS) using TRAC forms, including tumor characteristics, treatment information, and clinical outcomes.
  • Provide quality control (QC) and quality assurance (QA) services for clinical information collected from database participants.
  • Coordinate the collection of biospecimens from database participants, including tissue, in conjunction with the Molecular Pathology Shared Resource, and blood, urine, etc., in conjunction with the Biomarkers Shared Resource for the Cancer Center.
  • Provide an updated inventory of data collected in the clinical databases, including number of subjects recruited and available biospecimens.
  • Conduct queries of the clinical databases, including the ability to screen and re-contact database participants for potential enrollment in future clinical studies.
  • Oversee a Scientific Review Committee, which will review research proposals to utilize the clinical databases and biobanks.
  • Compile an ongoing list of active investigators and projects utilizing these clinical databases, as well as grant funding and publications that arise from this research.

User Fees The most up to date user fees can be found here.
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