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Ojas Shah, MD

Department of Urology
Director Endourology and Stone Disease

Dr. Ojas Shah, Professor of Urology and Director of Endourology and Stone Disease, has joined the Department of Urology. His clinical interests include surgical and metabolic treatments of kidney stone disease, minimally invasive urologic surgery, upper tract transitional cell carcinoma/urothelial carcinoma, ureteral strictures, ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction, ureteral/renal reconstructive surgery, and BPH (benign prostate hyperplasia).

He is a graduate of Northwestern University School of Medicine. He completed his general surgical and urologic training at New York University Medical Center. He spent an additional year at Wake Forest University Health Sciences Center as a fellow in endourology, laparoscopy and metabolic stone disease.

Dr. Shah is nationally active as a member of the American Urological Association Surgical Management of Stones Guidelines Committee. He holds the honor of being inducted into the ROCK (Research on Calculous Kinetics) Society; a research society of basic scientists, nephrologists, and urologists with a primary interest in kidney stone disease. Recently, Dr. Shah was named the assistant editor to the Journal of Urology, the most highly cited and among the most respected international journals in the field. He also has a strong focus on medical student and resident education, and served as the urology residency program director at NYU prior to joining Columbia.

Dr. Shah is accepting new patients at Columbia University Medical Center (161 Fort Washington Avenue) and ColumbiaDoctors Midtown (51 West 51st Street).

Board Certificates
Areas of Expertise:
  • Kidney Stone
  • Stone Disease
  • Renal and Urologic Disorders