Physician’s Profile

Serge Cremers, PhD, PharmD

Department of Pathology & Cell Biology
Division of Laboratory Medicine

Serge Cremers was born in 1969 in Heerlen, The Netherlands. He received his PharmD from the University of Groningen in 1996 and his PhD from Leiden University in The Netherlands in 2004. He joined Columbia University in 2006 after working for 2 years as a Clinical Pharmacologist at Novartis Oncology in Florham Park, NJ. He is currently an Associate Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology and Medicine at CUMC, where he is also an attending Clinical Chemist. He is director of Pathology's Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory as well as director of the Biomarkers Core Laboratory of the Irving Institute for Clinical and Translational Research. Dr Cremers' research focuses on clinical and translational pharmacology of drugs in cancer, transplantation, contraception and metabolic bone diseases. He has (co-)authored over 100 original papers and a number or reviews and book chapters. He is also Senior Editor (Reviews) of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.


Areas of Expertise:
  • Pharmacology
  • Clinical Chemistry

A. Original, Peer-reviewed articles:

1. Dutta A, Panja S, Virk RK, Kim JY, Zott R, Cremers S, Golombos DM, Liu D, Mosquera JM, Mostaghel EA, Barbieri CE, Mitrofanova A, and Abate-Shen C.  Co-clinical analysis of a genetically-engineered mouse model and human prostate cancer reveals significance of NKX3.1 expression for response to 5-alpha-reductase inhibition. Eur Urology 2017; in press.  

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