Researcher’s Profile

Murty Vundavalli, PhD


Our laboratory is interested in understanding the genetic and epigenetic basis of cervical cancer and hematologic malignancies. One of the major goals is to make attempts to identify prognostic markers of response to treatment. 

Research Statement: 

Carcinoma of uterine cervix is a common malignancy among women worldwide. Most cervical cancers are preceded by distinct preneoplastic epithelial changes providing opportunities to study genetic alterations at an early stage of transformation. Our genome-wide search for genetic and epigenetic alterations has identified several sites of copy number alterations, gene amplifications, and specific genetic pathways in invasive cancer. We are currently evaluating a predictive biomarker of apoptotic response to stratify patients that benefit combination drug therapy.  

In leukemia and lymphoma, a similar strategy is applied to identify genetic and epigenetic predictive markers of response to treatment.  Preclinical validations of a number of epigenetically inactivated markers are underway.


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