Ovarian Cancer: Surveillance

Women who complete primary therapy enter a period of surveillance. At Columbia University, we have developed a specialized, multidisciplinary Gynecologic Oncology Survivorship Program to comprehensively address the needs of women who have completed treatment. Women in our survivorship program will undergo an in depth survivorship evaluation at which time an individualized Survivorship Plan will be developed. The Survivorship Plan is a comprehensive assessment that includes a summary of all treatment and side effects that can be communicated to your healthcare team, a blueprint for cancer screening and surveillance moving forward, and an individualized plan for wellness activities to improve your lifestyle.

For women with ovarian cancer, surveillance typically entails visits to your gynecologic oncologist for surveillance testing. Surveillance testing may entail blood tests for the evaluation of serum tumor markers (like CA-125) and possibly imaging tests. Surveillance for women with ovarian cancer is individualized and will be tailored to your needs by your gynecologic oncologist.