Cancer Biology Training Program

The Cancer Biology Training Program prepares Columbia University predoctoral and postdoctoral scientists for highly productive careers in laboratory-based cancer research. This is achieved by providing opportunities for direct research experience in the laboratories of established investigators at Columbia University, offering a rigorous and comprehensive didactic curriculum, and fostering an interactive environment in which trainees gain exposure to the full range of scientific disciplines involved in cancer research.

The Program was initiated in 1984 to unify and coordinate training in basic cancer research at Columbia University. During its first 16 years, the Program supported graduate students exclusively. However, in 2001 it was expanded to include training for postdoctoral scientists. Since its inception, the Training Program has been funded by a grant (T32-CA009503) from the National Cancer Institute (NCI), and at the current time (year 30) it supports 4 predoctoral students and 4 postdoctoral fellows annually.

More information on this training program can be found at the National Cancer Institute site.