Pancreatic Cancer: Research and Clinical Trials

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In addition to being up to date with the current standard of care for pancreatic cancer, our team also strives to develop and deliver cutting-edge treatment options that can lengthen patient survival.

The Pancreas Center at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia also offers patients the opportunity to participate in clinical trials examining other new drug combinations, as well as targeted therapies that kill only cancer cells and not normal cells. Other therapies that we are testing in clinical trials include vaccines against pancreatic cancer cells and specialized treatments for patients with specific genetic mutations (BRCA mutations). We have many active clinical trials for patients with adenocarcinoma and neuroendocrine cancers and recommend that every patient be evaluated for participation in an appropriate study..

For instance, our research group, led by Dr. Ken Olive, has pioneered a new understanding of how the cells which surround the pancreatic tumor (or stroma) relate to cancer growth. Currently a new drug, called hyaluronidase, is being studied at Columbia to further investigate this concept.