Childhood and Adolescent Cancers: Clinical Research

Not only do we provide the most outstanding care possible for our patients today, but our research is improving outcomes for patients in the future as well. The research in our Division spans the spectrum from basic through clinical research with a shared goal of understanding and ultimately developing more effective means for treating pediatric hematology and oncology disorders.

Our clinical research program includes clinical trials for children with cancer, blood disorders, and diseases treated using stem cell transplantation. For children with sickle cell disease, we are studying approaches that may help improve control of symptoms, as well as definitive methods to cure the disease. For children with cancer, our clinical research program brings the latest therapies to every child we treat. We have been designated as a Children’s Oncology Group/National Cancer Institute Experimental Therapeutics program a designation that allows us to offer patients with refractory and relapsed disease novel treatments.  Our precision medicine program allows us to tailor therapies based on state of the art technologies. We also have active studies focused on decreasing the side effects of treatment.

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