Testicular Cancer: Our Approach and Expertise

Testicular cancer is a highly complex disease to treat because there are a number of possible treatment avenues including observation, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or in some cases a combination of all four.  Columbia Urology has substantial experience with this multidisciplinary undertaking and are recognized as leaders in this field.

Recent studies show that patients with advanced testicular cancer fare better when cared for at a major medical center with extensive experience treating this disease.  Our surgeons are trained in special nerve-sparing techniques, our radiation oncologists are able to provide targeted therapy sparing healthy tissues, and our oncologists are participating in clinical trials to develop new treatments for men with advanced testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer and treatment can also affect a man’s chances of fertility. Many men who develop testicular cancer are in their mid-20s are concerned about their ability to have children in the future. Columbia Urology has an active male fertility team that works with these patients, addressing these concerns as well.