About CUMC*

CUMC Catchment Area

Internationally-recognized researchers and clinicians at our Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center are continually developing new approaches for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancer.

Our minority program has been rated one of the best in the country and is known for its advances in cancer screening.

Breast cancer: We currently provide breast cancer screening programs for this disease in collaboration with the Breast Examination Center of Harlem, The Ralph Lauren Center, Union Health Center, MIC/Morningside, Planned Parenthood of NYC, Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, Project Renewal and through mobile mammograms

Colon cancer: Our minority program also employs two full time patient educators (ck term) who explain the benefits of colonoscopy. This allows us to screen an additional 600-700 community residents for colon cancer every year.

Community Outreach

With funding from the National Cancer Institute, and in partnership with CUMC’s Community and Ambulatory Research and Enrollment (CARE) program, we are now able to provide information about our clinical trials in several different languages.

CARE’s active community board also reaches out to local residents through and neighborhood and faith-based organizations, schools, parents’ associations, community physicians, and shopkeepers and business owners. Clergy often announce our clinical trials from the pulpit and in their newsletters, in both English and Spanish.

Physicians and staff at CARE program also play an active role in community health fairs and local medical practices. Our award-winning team has made great strides in educating minorities about the benefits of participating in clinical trials. Outreach staff members regularly appear on CNN en Espanol, Cable Channel 35 and call-in radio shows.

Since women tend to participate in research studies more often than men, CARE makes a special effort to educate male minorities and to help women explain the advantages of enrolling in clinical trials to their partners.