Physician’s Profile

Keith R. Brenner, MD

Department of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Brenner graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and performed postgraduate training at Columbia University Medical Center, completing residency in internal medicine and fellowship in pulmonary and critical care medicine.

Dr. Brenner’s focus is on providing excellent care to patients with pulmonary disease in the office and hospital setting. His clinical interests include interventional bronchoscopy, lung cancer screening, COPD, asthma, and interstitial lung disease. He participates in research studies of COPD treatment, bronchoscopic lung volume reduction for emphysema, and novel applications of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) as a treatment for respiratory failure.

Board Certificates
Pulmonary Disease
Internal Medicine
Critical Care Medicine
Areas of Expertise:
  • Lung Cancer
  • Cancer Care
Honors & Awards:
2005 Alpha Omega Alpha
2008 Arnold P. Gold Foundation, Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award
2008-2009 Chief Resident, Internal Medicine Residency New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University Medical Center
2011 American Thoracic Society Travel Award

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