Physician’s Profile

Julian Abrams, MD, MPH

Department of Medicine
Division of Digestive & Liver Diseases

Dr. Abrams is a specialist in the care of patients with Barrett's esophagus, early esophageal cancer, and other esophageal disorders. Prior to his faculty appointment here at Columbia, Dr. Abrams received further training in cancer epidemiology through a post-doctoral fellowship as part of the NCI-funded Training Program in Cancer-Related Population Sciences. He previously received a K07 career development award from the National Cancer Institute.

Board Certificates
Areas of Expertise:
  • Cancer Care
  • Esophagus Disorder
  • Swallowing Disorder
  • Disease of Esophagus
  • Barrett's Esophagus
  • Second Opinion
  • Esophageal Disease
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Upper Endoscopy
Honors & Awards:
Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, 2000
GRG/AGA Young Investigator Award in Clinical Science, 2009
Wang JS, Varro A, Lightdale CJ, Letkorwit N, Slack KN, Fingerhood ML, Tsai WY, Wang TC, Abrams JA. Elevated serum gastrin is associated with a history of advanced neoplasia in patients with Barrett’s esophagus. Am J Gastroenterol 2010;105:1039-45. PMC3139948 Quante M, Bhagat G, Abrams JA, Marache F, Good P, Lee MD, Lee Y, Friedman R, Mahmood U, Figueireido J, Lightdale CJ, Rustgi AK, Wang TC. Bile acids and inflammation activate gastric cardia stem cells in a model of Barrett’s-like metaplasia. Cancer Cell 2012;21:36-51. PMC3266546 Abrams JA, Beer DG, Berry L, Chak A, Falk GW, Fitzgerald R, Grady W, Lynch JP, Rustgi AK, Richmond E, Seibel EJ, Shyr Y, Umar A, Wang KK, Wang TC, Wang TD, Yassin R. Barrett's Esophagus Translational Research Network (BETRNet): The pivotal role of multi-institutional collaboration in esophageal adenocarcinoma research. Gastroenterol