Head and Neck/Oral Cancers: Our Approach and Expertise

Treatment of head and neck cancer deals with critical organ functions like breathing, speech, swallowing and aesthetics. It requires high level of expertise in diagnosis, treatment planning and delivery. The head and neck cancer survival has encouragingly improved with progress in treatments and advancement in head and neck cancer research.

The Head, Neck and Oral Cancer Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center takes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to treating head and neck cancer. Our team is highly experienced in treating cancers of the face, nose, mouth, tongue, throat, larynx/voice box, sinuses, salivary glands and thyroid gland.

Our multi-disciplinary team includes experts from head and neck surgery, medical oncology and radiation oncology highly experienced in the head and neck field. In addition, experts from dentistry, oral and maxilla-facial surgery, dermatology, Moh’s surgery, plastic surgery, nutrition, speech and swallowing therapy, social work and pain and palliative medicine participate in the make-up of the multi-disciplinary team. For the management of thyroid cancers, we work with experts in thyroid surgery and endocrinology.