Celgene Cancer Center Consortium – Special Request for Proposals Focused on Zinc Finger Proteins in Cancer

Contact Dr. Emer Smyth for information on applying.

This special potential funding opportunity is part of the Cancer Center’s ongoing cancer drug discovery collaboration with Celgene. Celgene believes that zinc finger transcription factors are a promising area for drug discovery. They are seeking for individuals within the Celgene Cancer Center Consortium (Mount Sinai, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania and John’s Hopkins) who are interested in working with them to establish the biological and clinical value of zinc finger proteins.

To encourage collaboration across the Consortium, in this and other funding opportunities, a database of interested investigators who have expressed may be accessed at the link provided below. The investigator profiles provided are intended to serve as a tool for networking with other Consortium investigators to enhance collaboration within the Consortium. A template is available (see below) for you to complete if you are interested in submitting your profile or updating current content. Please note that neither collaboration nor submission of an investigator profile is required for application to this funding opportunity.

Request for Proposals (from Celgene): Download
Investigator Profile database: https://goo.gl/8jWJCS
Investigator Profile (blank template): Download
Interested in applying? Please contact Dr. Emer Smyth (es3551@cumc.columbia) by January 25, 2018