Message from the Director

Welcome to the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center.

The HICCC is the home of cancer prevention, research and care at Columbia University in the City of New York and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Here, our physicians provide the highest level of multidisciplinary care and the most advanced therapies for virtually all types of cancer. Using the resources of the University, we are able to link members of 22 University Departments and six schools to work together on a range of therapies and strategies. This makes us a unique resource in the tri-state area: due to our networks of collaborative partnerships we are able to treat patients with the most complex diagnoses as well as those with multiple medical conditions.

Our physicians are global leaders in new technologies, genetics, immunology, clinical trials and “bench to bedside” research. We bend our efforts toward the explorations of new strategies to deal effectively with the hardest-to-treat cancers, work to develop screening methods to assist in early and accurate identification, and test breakthrough cancer drugs and therapies.

Each day we continue our century-old tradition of leadership in cancer biology through our research programs. We are dedicated to increasing our understanding of the biology of cancer and its behavior, then applying that understanding to cancer prevention, diagnosis, and therapies. We hope through this to achieve three goals:

1.     To benefit the diverse population of New York by providing them access to the best advances in cancer prevention and control, diagnosis, and treatment.

2.     To serve as the preeminent provider of translational cancer therapies for patients in the tri-state area.

3.     To make and disseminate high impact cancer discoveries that will serve scientists, physicians and patients alike, throughout the world.

As one of the most common diseases in the United States, cancer knows few boundaries. Yet today is an exciting moment for cancer research and management, when we can build upon the discoveries of the past 20 years and translate this knowledge into new and improved treatments. Here at the HICCC, our mission is to pursue the most decisive research and provide the most compassionate care, to benefit our patients and their families for generations

We are leading this vital fight to discover the best ways to find, fight, and cure cancer.


Stephen Emerson, MD, PhD 
Director, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center 
Clyde and Helen Wu Professor of Immunology (in Medicine)